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PowerTank Power Shot Trigger System, 2 1/2 lb

In stock: yes
Weight: 8 lbs

Here is a perfect size for your Side x Side or Jeep. This basic kit Comes with a 2 1/2 lb Bottle and Trigger Regulator, Fill Hose, Heavy Nylon T Bag, Tire Pressure Gauge, and Mini Plug Kit. One2 1/2 lb bottle can fill 5-6 car or SUV tires so you'll have plenty of C02 to repair flats or "Air Up" at the end of the trail. Standard Trail Bag stores easily or you can use the Optional Bracket and Clamps to mount to your roll bar. At the end of the trail the unit stores back in the bag and can be conveniently carried in your truck or car. This comes in handy around the house too, great for filling bike tires and balls without the hassle of a compressor.

The 2 1/2 lb System has all the same great features of the 20 oz unit but twice the capcity, the 2 1/2 lb unit will get the job done. With the components in this little kit you can repair almost any flat in any tubeless tire and air it up within seconds. One bottle can fill 5-6 car or SUV tires, and you can get these bottles filled at paintball shops and fire extinguisher shops (avg. fill cost - $5).

Bottle is Shipped Empty - Local Pickup Includes Initial C02 Fill

2 1/2 Systems are available in Candy Blue or Team Yellow

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