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Yamaha Rhino 450 and 660 Rear Brake Pad Set

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Weight: 1 lbs

Are you experiencing a terrible shaking and grinding coming from the back of your Rhino? Don't be alarmed, the solution may be as simple as a new set of rear brake pads. If you've ever left your parking brake on, even barely it causes the pads to glaze and scar the rotor. Even if your pads look good they are probably glazed and need to be replaced. The EBC R Series Pads are the perfect pad for this application and we've found them to be the  answer to the grinding and shaking.

The EBC R Series Pads are a sintered copper alloy pads made in the USA and designed to deliver a medium to high friction pad and still lasts well in all conditions, including mud water or sand.

Fits the following Yamaha models:

  • RHINO 450 2006-2009 Rear
  • RHINO 660 2004-2007 Rear
  • RAPTOR 700 2006-2009 Rear
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